«Space as escape, or even as pure „space“ (Cartesian, astronomic, Euclidean, etc.) gives way to space as place, not the absence of place.».
Benjamin H. Bratton «The Terraforming»

Escape from reality is impossible. Cosmos is a comprehensive space that is beyond the usual boundaries of perception, and is also part of everyday life.

Infinite and constantly expanding, cosmos is full of the unknown. A person may not be able to comprehend with his mind. Imagining the immerse landscape of the universe, every person at some point asks questions: what is my place in space? what role do I play? what role does all of humanity play? what awaits humanity next — extinction on a depleted planet, evolution or the conquest of the outer space?

There are more questions than answers in reflection about cosmos. The artists of the exhibition talk about the vastness of the universe and the place of man in it, conceptualize possible vectors of development or destruction.

The curators of the exhibition invite viewers to find answers to the main questions within themselves.