The Moscow contemporary art gallery BIS ART GALLERY has completed an exhibition of young artists' artworks entitled 'Swings of the Metamodern'. In collaboration with ARISTOV and the IDEAFIX GROUP, the curators of the gallery gave young artists the opportunity to show their creative potential and make themselves known on the art scene.

Conflict between generations does not necessarily mean complete misunderstanding and «fathers and sons» arguments, it is also a great start to the creative process. In their project, the project organisers helped the artists to bridge the gap to the most contemporary direction in art — the metamodern.

For this project, over twenty authors were invited, and they were given complete freedom to create, technique, and comprehend the notion of the metamodern. The result is an exhibition that shows the polyphony of meanings and approaches to contemporary art and the world. There are traditional paintings on canvas and digital painting, video-art and virtual art, art objects made of clay, glass and polymorphous. What they all have in common, however, is the sincerity and innovation with which they talk about themselves and their feelings about the world.

After the exhibition in Moscow, the organisers are planning a tour of Russian cities. At the moment Chelyabinsk, Krasnodar, Ekaterinburg, St. Petersburg and other cities are planned.

Wait for news about the exhibition «Swings of the Metamodern» in Russian cities!