«Not fit per day»
Cardboard, acrylic, 37×27 Price on request

A year is not a week, everything will be, but not now

On October 18 BIS ART GALLERY opens a group exhibition «A year is not a week, everything will be, but not now», dedicated to the issue of constantly accelerating the pace of life.

In modern realities, people hardly have time to do all the planned things, they are forced to choose and prioritize. Due to technological progress and developed infrastructure, household chores and the road no longer take as much time as before, but at the same time, the number of hours in a day seems to have decreased. People don’t have time to do what they love, they have forgotten how they can not do a million things at the same time. A person is dominated by a of lack of that very 25th hour in the day.

The life of the megapolis boils and brings its own amenities, at the same time, it makes you run, constantly hurry and miss the most important thing. The moment. Putting things off to the next day, working nights, answering calls on weekends has become the norm. People have forgotten that there is something more important than the endless hustle of large cities.

The artists whose works are presented at the exhibition talk about the pace of modern life, technological progress and ways of escapism. Some of them criticize the current situation, others offer a way to escape from it and appeal to prudence.

The exhibition will last until October 26. Free Admission.

Artists: Anna Silivonchik, Vangranda, Polina Surovova, Anastasia Danilenko, Anna Sezik, Kristina Kovalchuk, Alexandra Khalipskaya, Daria Semenova, Olga Ryabova, BAgno, Valia Paella, Ekaterina Zhingel and Daria Yaromenok

Curators: Mariia Grafutko and Anna Konopleva