— Who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?

The edge between a blessed life in Eden and the Expulsion. There is still time left, but not much time. Adam and Eve are still in the Garden of Eden, but nakedness is already something to be ashamed of, and the thought of committing an offense is on the minds of the first people.

The collective exhibition «Who told you that you are naked?» at BIS ART GALLERY will present artworks of the gallery’s resident artists, which create a parallel between biblical legend and contemporary life, where temptations and self-destruction accompany people on a daily basis.

The artists sense and transmit in their artworks the exhaustion of nature or the destruction of the creation matrix that our mistakes have led to. Some of them (Mamuka Dideba, Teona Yamanidze, Romanoz, Sofa SFKNG, Oksana Afanasyeva) remind us of the eternal vices: greed, lust, adultery and vanity. Others (SURASICA, Vangranda, Elizaveta Suprun) tell us about the modern mistakes of humanity: indifferent attitude to nature, consumerism, loss of ethics and life orientation.

All works are aimed at provoking the viewer’s inner reaction and further action. Today, according to the curators, humanity is at a crossroads, where one must recognize his or her mistakes and choose a better path.

The main questions curators want to ask the audience are: will we be able to prevent the bloodiest and most destructive wars in history? Can we stop the environmental crisis and pollution of space? Will we pass on our ethical ideals and a liveable, habitable planet to future generations?

The exhibition will be on view at BIS ART GALLERY from March 1st to 10th.

Curators: Lada Elkina and Maria Grafutko