During the first summer month, BIS ART GALLERY presents the works of artists from our permanent collection. All of them differ from each other in their artistic style, worldview, different life experiences, and background. Yet their unifying criteria are the established identity and recognizable style. The deep portraits of Mamuka Didebashvili, painted with a thoughtful and intellectual approach of the artist — are a combination of the traditions of multi-layered painting techniques and the perfectionism of the old masters and bright modern colors. Along with Mamuka’s paintings, the phantasmagoria of Romanoz, whose bizarre and often very frank images are born during transcendental meditations, also captures attention. Teona Yamanidze reveals human nudity in her works as well.

The palette brightness of Surazica is captivating as well as the masterfully worked out details of her surrealist paintings on the theme of ecocrisis, whilst the multi-layered collages amaze with their nuance.

Marina Lizorkina’s works can be fully appreciated only live, as her «petal technique» creates interesting optical illusions. The pulsating and emotional abstraction of Polina Zaremba and the calm structuring of the color of her father Yevgeny Zaremba are felt quite differently in real life; the meditative and elegant abstraction of Asia Bagaeva is felt differently in real life. Anna Cech’s conceptual works include postmodern references to iconic works from art history.

The young Vangranda catches with the expressiveness of street art and the accumulation of symbols and images that reflect the world created by the artist. Oksana Afanasyeva works with decorative motifs, and the ornament becomes a meaning-forming medium.

Belarusian artist Anna Silivonchik presents two of her works: the installation «An Imperfect Woman» and «A Singing Bird». The combination of text and visual images sarcastically plays on contemporary themes of feminism and self-determination.