On 13 August BIS ART GALLERY had an opening of «Labarotory. Senses.» exhibition. At this abstract art exhibition the viewer will encounter a mixture of olfactory and visual perceptions of the world, hence a Moscow based perfumer has created a customized perfume for this show. At the actual opening every guest received this perfume as a gift.

In «Laboratory. Senses.» project we are looking for some sort of correlation of two types of world perception. Fragrances made for this exhibition do not just complement the abstract works — the impressions from two worlds of fragrance and art mix up, helping the viewer to gain his/her own impression and to perceive the artworks' meaning in a unique way. The perfumer who took part in «Laboratory. Senses.» mixes his notes, smells in a way tht is similar to the way an artists mixes paint on a palette and positions accents in order to gain a composition that perfectly expresses emotions and ideas of a creator.

The exhibitions contains five artists from different countries that are represented by BIS ART GALLERY.

Whilst reflecting upon the influence of scents on human’s visual images, the artist Asia Bagaeva came up with the series of six paintings dedicated to smell.. When creating each work, she imagined fragrances, tried to feel them, coming up with visual associations in her mind.

Also, Mamuka Didebashvili took part in this exhibition. All of his works, both abstract and figurative, are filled with deep meaning and are a result of enormous, meticuloous work. The central work of the show belongs to Mamuka. The painting’s title «The moon in pomegranate garden» already evokes a trigger in viewer’s mind. Together with the custome-made fragrance, the viewer immerses in his own world of imagination.

When you look at experessive works of Polina Zaremba, each one of us carries out something personal. For her, art is a way to cognize herself in this worls, to reach the essence. Hence a spontaneous composition, powerful and dynamic colour, diveres texture.

The nature dictated that each mother can sense her baby’s unique smell. The absctract works by Maria Skobeleva are dedicated to the expectation of a new life, a miracle. How one can convey this sense with fragrance’s notes?

Teona Yamanidze represents some structures abstractions, executed in an interesting technique. These works are peculiar, but may form small compositions together. The fragrance that can link these work stays unique for each viewer.

«Labarotory. Senses.» is literally an experiment that will shake and mix our emotions, but there will be no uniform result in the end. Our sensory organs and impressions received through them are individual, this is why the only result that is expected in this «laboratory» is an ambiguous and individual interpretations of imageries and smell of each viewer.

The exhibition will be on through 20 August 2020.