«Carpe diem» © Horatius

Instants — reveries and memories… Subjects familiar to any woman: warm childhood memories of embracing parents, worries about elderly relatives and the feeling of sweet calmness from their presence, morning dreams in a warm bed, silence of loneliness and a chance to be alone with oneself. Through her characters Ksenia Sandesko expresses inner feelings and states, not being ashamed to share personal memories and touching stories of her own life.

The stories, like vivid snapshots of life, appear as a kind of portals to the past. The fusion of figurative painting with abstract motifs envelops in a haze of oblivion, obscuring details but clearly preserving the most important thing — personalities and feelings.

The box of life is constantly being filled with more and more highlights each day. The transience of life over time erases the details in the memories, leaving the emotions as an aftertaste of the events. The images are idealistic and luminous, romantic and illusory.

«…Through my art turn your view on yourself and the transience of time. Appreciate it and do not waste it…».

Curators: Lada Elkina and Maria Grafutko