Autumn gold, 2022 Oil on canvas; 65×120 Price on request

From November 25 to December 2, the BIS ART GALLERY will host a personal exhibition of Polina Zaremba «Notebook with a golden edge», which will introduce new abstract works by the artist.

Polina Zaremba is an artist working in the direction of abstract expressionism. She says: «Abstract painting is unique in transfering sensitivity, as a wire, and also conceptual.» The abstract vision of the artist is characterized by a slight irony, but at the same time extreme vulnerability, timidity, flirt, play. Polina Zaremba’s works balance between opposite moods.

The exhibition sets the viewer up for a positive point of view. Polina’s abstractions charge with optimism and faith in a better future. In any difficult period, it is important to remember that in will come to an end, and the best time is already around the corner. Bad things happen, but bright, joyful days come. The sun will replace the moon. After winter, spring will come again. We will read poetry, lie on the sand, absorb vitamin D. Life is an oscillation between two extremes: from dark moments to light and back… and a diary of our memories.

Admission is free
Curators: Anna Konopleva and Mariia Grafutko