On 28 May, BIS ART GALLERY will host the opening of Tasya Vasilkova «Kiss of our Muses».

Since ancient times man has been in pursuit of inspiration, which gives an impulse to creation. The source of this impulse was assigned to the muses. Artists, musicians, poets, having received the «kiss of the muse», create beautiful, mesmerising stories. But what happens if we reduce the context to a minimum and allow the viewer to endow the image with subjective meaning, interpreting it in his or her own way?

The dualistic perception of the muse allows, on the one hand, to consider it as a tool for creating works of art and an inner source reflecting the emotions, desires and self-knowledge of the artist, and on the other hand, it is embodied in the perception of one’s own body. They are simultaneously heavy but airy; tangible but inaccessible; fragile but indestructible.

The exhibition «Kiss of our Muses» is a new look at the theme of inspiration, which everyone formulates himself, completing the subjects of paintings on the basis of the body as a physical phenomenon. Passing them through themselves, the viewer gets an opportunity to find the face of his muse.

Curator: Victoria Shishkina.

Dates: 28.03−11.06

Opening hours: Tue-Sun, 12:00 — 20:00.

Entrance is free