Each celebration is associated with characteristic symbols and rituals, but are they decisive in the formation of that special feeling of the holiday?

Common things like balloons, gifts and cards create a balance between the absurd and the meaningful, allowing fun and pragmatism to blend harmoniously, making something that would normally seem outlandish matter. However, the holiday is more than its external signs.

Exhibition «Let`s celebrate it!» combines irony and sincerity, naivety and skepticism, highlighting the versatility of the concept of «holiday» and rethinking the relevance of traditional holiday attributes.

Artists: Maxim Dobrovolsky, Vangranda, Maria Meltsaeva, SteP. G, Anna Konopleva, Alla Polkovnichenko, Venya Kurochkin, Marina Pcheliakova, АА, Ida Nezarokova, Nadezhda Prades, Katerina Teplitsa, Mary Perkins, Marina Kovaleva, Kristina Kovalchuk, Anna Polani, Madina Belikova, Asya Susanina, Elena Romanovskaya, Elizaveta Shturneva, Alexander Andreev

Curator of the project: Ekaterina Skopintseva

The exhibition will run from September 12 to September 29. Admission is free.