«One stepped into the unknown»
Ink o paper, 40×65

«The metaphysical sense of genuine symbolism is not built over the sensual images, but is contained in them, defining them, and they themselves are reasonable not as merely physical, but as metaphysical images, carrying the latter in themselves and being enlightened by them»
Pavel Florensky

From October the 28th to November the 6th, BIS ART GALLERY will host Ruben Fedorov’s personal exhibition «Reasoning on black&white», presenting the artist’s graphic creations.

Ruben Fedorov creates symbolic in content and often abstract in form artworks. The artist’s black and white graphics succinctly, concisely, but at the same time brightly and clearly conveys a thought, replacing a long multi-layered narrative.

The key themes in Ruben Fedorov’s work are connected with the most important philosophical questions: the cognition of the world and the search for new ways of research. The tools of this philosophical exploration of the world are a deep knowledge of ancient cultures, doctrines, the experience of creating environments with a given semantics, the perception of engineering perfection and the beauty of nature. Important role in the artist’s work is played by mystical themes and sacred images that form a special space with its own logic, symbolism and philosophy, allowing Ruben Fedorov to develop his own way of perceiving reality.

The curators suggest reflecting on each person’s own, individual way of perceiving reality. The works in the exhibition «Reasoning on black&white» respond to the key themes that concern the artist, reveal the author’s philosophy and perception and help answer the main questions within oneself.

Entrance is free.

Curators: Maria Grafutko and Anna Konopleva