«Fuck Gucci»
Oil, acrylic on canvas, 120×120 Price on Request


The BIS ART GALLERY opened a collective exhibition of artists-residents of the gallery. Especially for ART-SHUFFLE 10.0, the curators selected works by recognized masters who have not been exhibited or shown to the public for a long time, as well as works by young contemporary authors.

The exhibition presents figurative painting by Mamuka Didebashvili, who uses the technique of multi-layered painting by masters of the Northern Renaissance. Maya Ramishvili’s works radiate femininity, captivating the viewer with the magic of their attractiveness and mystery. Avtandil Mosiashvili, a recognized master of abstract painting, admires the conciseness and rigor of the composition. Dynamic femininity is captured in the abstraction of Teona Yamanidze.

The cosmic pulsation of art can be seen on the sculptural installations by a multidisciplinary artist — Kira Moro. Romanoz in his graphic work transfers surreal images born during deep meditations. SURAZICA creates a provocation plot, drawing the viewer’s attention to the connection between man and nature, to human behavior on the planet. Alexandra Efimova transforms her own experience into a space of associations, memories and impressions. Anastasia Danilenko as a sculptor carves alluring and catchy images.

You can also see the abstractions of Polina and Evgeny Zaremba, compare the art of father and daughter in mood, emotional response and technique. In addition, you can try to decipher the language of symbols and fantastic images of Anna Silivonchik, to see the development of the art of the conceptual artist VANGRANDA.

For the first time, ART SHUFFLE presents the works of four contemporary authors from our «NEXT 2.0» Young artists support program: Polina Surovova, Alexandra Khalipskaya, Kristina Kovalchuk and Anna Sezik.