ART SHUFFLE 11.0 is a group exhibition of BIS ART GALLERY resident artists, showing the diversity of the gallery’s collection.

Polina Zaremba
«My Evening», 2018
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The exhibition presents both young and already recognized, well-known masters, artists working in various techniques and with various media.

One of the rarely presented works of Mamuka Didebashvili «Hookah» is adjacent to the sharp and bright works of the young artist Vangranda, but both of them explore the essence of human nature.

The works of Romanoz, the first transcendent artist, attract attention with phantasmagoric and surreal images born during deep meditations.

The multi-layered works of Suraziсa fascinate the viewer and refer to current topics — freedom of speech, the interaction of the human and natural world.

The exhibition presents several abstract artists whose works are united exclusively by this direction. The canvases of the young, but already recognized Polina Zaremba are bright, expressive and emotional, as if boiling with energy. On the other hand, Avtandil Mosiashvili, a museum-level artist, demonstrates the perfect principle of «cut off excesses» on his canvases. Anna Sezik is represented by a calm and harmonious geometric abstraction.

Alexandra Khalipskaya shows sincerity in her works and the vulnerability inevitably associated with it. Kristina Kovalchuk explores the possibilities of human vision and addresses the problem of trichromasia. Polina Surovova combines digital errors and real stories in her works.

The exhibition will last until September 27.
The curators: Maria Grafutko and Anna Konopleva.

Free entrance.