VANGRANDA, «Gang», 2022

On January 13, the BIS ART GALLERY opened a collective exhibition of artists-residents of the gallery. At the exhibition, the curators have selected works that are diverse both in subject matter and mood, and in technique, which at the same time are united by a high level of originality and conceptuality.

The bright work of Anastasia Danilenko will show the mood of bliss under the warm sun, which is not enough in winter evenings. Maya Ramishvili will present the painting «Cherry Blossom», dedicated to the warm feelings of the arrival of spring. Polina Zaremba, an artist working in abstract expressionism, is presented with a juicy, exciting and emotional work about the bright sun in Paris.
In the work of the artist Anna Silivonchik, letters, combined with picturesque elements, play the role of an optional decorative element, scattering over the canvas or volume with bizarre ornaments.
The multi-layered works of SURAZICA fascinate the viewer with the number of elements and details. Specially for the exhibition, a video art of the artist was prepared and demonstrated.
Romanoz and Vangranda are represented by allegorical works that refer us to the metaphysics of phenomena. Despite the different approach of the artists, the works of both are visually mysterious and full of hidden elements.
Mamuka Didebashvili’s «Leader» will demonstrate not only the artist’s skill in the rare technique of layering, but also offer to think about the physiognomy of a person: about the influence of a person’s character on his facial features.

The exhibition also presents works by young artists participating in the NEXT 2.0 project from the BIART Gallery: Alexandra Khalipskaya, Polina Surovova, Daria Semenova, Kristina Kovalchuk, and Polina Zhadko.

The exhibition will be held until January 23 inclusive.
Curators: Mariia Grafutko and Anna Konopleva