SteP. G «Time Capsule», 2023 Canvas, digital print; 60×60 Price on request

BIS ART GALLERY is holding ART SHUFFLE 17.0 until August 3!

As part of the group exhibition, both young and already well-known resident artists of the gallery will be presented.

The exhibition includes works by artists from the permanent collection: a deep portrait of Mamuka Didebashvili, SURAZICA video art reflecting the destructive connection between man and nature, expressive works by Vangranda, bright ironic works by SteP. G and Anna Konopleva. Painting by Natalia Veneva, who through her creativity studies the problems of the consumer era, as well as the emotional abstractions of Polina Zaremba.

The exhibition will feature the works of Daria Semenova and Polina Surovova, who explore the processes of distortion and transformation, surrealistic paintings by Kristina Kovalchuk, figurative works by Semyon Galinov, an experimental combination of various forms and techniques in the works of Alexandra Efimova, works by Anastasia Danilenko, which always begin with a «black canvas».

Artists: Mamuka Didebashvili, SURAZICA, Polina Zaremba, VANGRANDA, Anastasia Danilenko, SteP. G, Natalia Veneva, Polina Surovova, Daria Semenova, Kristina Kovalchuk, Anna Konopleva, Semyon Galinov, Alexandra Efimova.

Admission is free.