On December 17, the collective exhibition ART SHUFFLE 6.0 was opened at BIS ART GALLERY, presenting the variety of techniques and directions of painting by the gallery’s resident artists. Each of the presented artists has a unique style and a high degree of recognition of their art.

The exhibition will feature abstractions by Polina and Evgeniy Zaremba, father and daughter, whose works are similar in technique but opposite in mood and emotional response. Mamuka Didebashvili's work demonstrates the subtle glaze technique and incredible skill of one of the most famous Georgian contemporary artists. Romanoz and Vangranda will present their meditative works. Both artists work with the theme of the subconscious, but Romanoz deals with transcendental painting (a movement he developed himself), while Vangranda shows symbols of pop culture and addresses the question of the matrix of the material. Elizaveta Suprun, in her series «Heavy Luxury», shows the contrasts of our society and illuminates poignant social themes through symbolism in her striking paintings. SURAZICA also uses symbolism to question the interaction between man and nature, human behaviour on the planet. The harmonious and elegant works of Asya Bagaeva can be contrasted with the bright and juicy works of Teona Yamanidze.