On March 26, BIS ART GALLERY presented a group exhibition of the gallery’s resident artists. Curators have compiled unique artworks, which have either not been presented to the public before, or have not been exhibited or shown to the public for a long time.

Two artworks by Mamuka Dideba will show the rare technique of glaze painting combined with the original Georgian character of the artworks.
Romanoz’s surrealist graphic and painting works, presented side by side, will show the widest talent of the transcendental artist.
Polina Zaremba, an Abstract expressionist painter, has three striking, engaging and emotional paintings, one of which was featured in her last exhibition. Next to her work is a structured abstraction by Evgeny Zaremba, a large artwork that was last shown more than a year ago.
Teona Yamanidze’s delicate yet dynamic artwork refers us to thoughts of forests and jungles. The painting is created in an unusual for the artist manner, but nevertheless, it possesses a mood that is very recognizable in Teona’s works.
In the artwork of artist Anna Silivonchik, letters combined with pictorial elements play a role of an optional decorative element, scattering on the canvas or the volume in a bizarre ornamentation.
SURAZICA’s layered artworks fascinate the viewer with their number of elements and details. One of the works has been on view for quite some time but remains topical, while the other has been exhibited only in private openings and at art events over the past year.

Especially for ART SHUFFLE 7.0, VANGRANDA’s new artworks have been produced. Her colourful works full of symbols and references to pop culture have hidden meanings. The new artworks are not only some of the artist’s most large-scale works, but also deal with current and troubling themes of relevance to the artist.
Three unique collages of Elizaveta Suprun’s recent artworks will tell about femininity, memory and the value of a caring attitude towards oneself.

Finally, BIS ART GALLERY will for the first time present the artworks of two artists new to the collection — Avtandil Mosiashvili and Givi Kolelishvili. The artists are outstanding representatives of the national art school and are recognized masters of abstract painting.

The exhibition will run until April 10 inclusive.