Anna Polani is a multimedia artist whose practice spans several mediums, including oil painting, digital illustration, neurogenerative graphics, video, and creating sculptures for augmented reality.

Her parents wanted Anna to become an engineer, so studying mathematics and physics has always been and remains a part of her as an artist. This experience influences her creative process, and she integrates new technologies and scientific concepts into her work.
The main source of inspiration for her is space. Anna is fascinated by the idea that people originated from stardust and will eventually return to it. This concept permeates her work, as she seeks to combine contemporary life narratives with astrophysics and quantum mechanics. Anna uses photos from social media as a starting point, adding elements related to science and technology, mathematical and physical formulas. This creates a distinctive dynamic in her works.
The process of creating the object is often visible in her works: paint flows, strikethroughs, traces of other mediums, digital distortions, and artifacts. These elements serve as a reminder that imperfection and mistakes are a natural part of life. Every detail in Anna’s work, whether it’s a digital anomaly or a random paint spot, has its own role.
Anna Polani’s art combines elements of conceptualism and metamodernism. She uses bright images of contemporary culture, giving them depth through scientific concepts. This creates a complex set of images and ideas, questioning our role in the world and the universe.


2023 «Not an Epilogue», ZIL, Gorky Park Museum, Moscow — group exhibition

2023 «It's Also Written on the Fence», Balaganchik — group exhibition

2023 «This Needs to be Celebrated», Bis Art Gallery, Winzavod, Moscow — group exhibition

2023 «Wow! 2.0», Here on Taganka Gallery, Moscow — group exhibition

2023 «Space», Depot Three Stations, Moscow — group exhibition

2023 «Swings of Metamodernism», Bis Art Gallery, Winzavod, Moscow — group exhibition

2022 «Festival of Harvest of Ideas», Bezdatye, Peterhof — group exhibition

2022 «Cosmonautics Day», Loft, Pskov — group exhibition

2022 «Love», Zen Gallery, Tomsk — group exhibition

2021 «Cosmic Metamodernism», Central Art Gallery, Velikie Luki

2020 «Art and Passion», Olett Club, Moscow

2020 «Stationery», 25kadr Gallery, Moscow — group exhibition

2020 «Open», Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, USA — group exhibition

2020 «All Woman», Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery, USA — group exhibition

2020 «Skies», Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, USA — group exhibition