Maxim Dobrovolsky

A young Russian artist. Graduated from Moscow State University of Culture and Arts in 2012, specialising in teaching photography. He has worked on museum projects in Russia. Has worked as a cameraman on documentary films in Russia, China and Armenia.

He is an experimental artist working in different styles and techniques. His work is full of vital metaphors, touching on themes of social aspects of society. In his works the artist tries to convey his inner state, feelings, emotions and awareness of self.

In his «Another World» series, Maxim Dobrovolsky explores the impact of human selfishness on other people’s lives. «Every minute we are told what to do, how to live, what to think about… The impact of the new world on us is enormous, and sometimes we forget to stop and look deep into ourselves. Thanks to nurtured patterns, social media, unenvironmental selfishness, other people’s dreams and love, we don’t change for the better,» says the artist.