Elizaveta Suprun

Elizaveta Suprun is a young Russian artist from Samara who has created her own unique style based on graffiti and magazine collage. Mixed media using acrylic spray cans, oil, collage (based on American and Soviet retro magazines of the 65−70s).

The series of works «Heavy Suite» is based on the reception of antithesis with elements of social art. In her works, the artist contrasts wealth, luxury and poverty, Russia and Western countries.

With the help of symbolism on his bright canvases, he shows the contrasts of our society and highlights socially acute topics. Elizabeth wants to make the viewer think about what a paradoxical world we live in, and remind us that society deliberately overpays for the status and the mirror in which it is reflected.
A brand is a mirror of the human ego, a reflection of itself, as well as the perception of the society in which it is located. It is in this thought that lies the answer to the question of why a person is so obviously eager to join brands, regardless of his social status.


Vangranda is a young artist whose works are filled with symbols from various mythologies of the world, referring to events or ideas from the real world, messages in lexical form, as well as zoomorphic images of people. All these coded signs are organically arranged in the space of one canvas in a bright expressive manner.

The art of Vangranda is the desire to capture reality, to get closer to the awareness of the current moment. This is the process of immersion in the creative space. The artist describes her work in these words:

«By expanding the moment along a perpendicular line, space contracts, at the same time releasing the absolute of existence. My research primarily has a philosophical approach. This is a personal way of fighting, opposing instincts. Pure consciousness, undistorted by the limits of reason, every second creates an external, real space surrounding a person, realized outside of a person — something inexpressible by the possibilities of language — a state outside the senses, a state of non-existence, absence, immersion in neutrality and the process of mirroring. My art is observing reality».

Yana Riznyk

Yana Riznyk is a young artist born in 1993 in Krasnodar. At a young age Yana perfected her skills by creating complete copies of famous paintings. She graduated from Kuban State University with a degree in design. Currently studying at the Academy of S. G. Stroganov. The artist is highly involved in exhibitions and collaborations, for example, Yana Riznyk has designed prints for tableware «Kuchenland». The artist’s works are kept in private collections all over the world: in Russia, Kazakhstan, USA, France, Switzerland and Germany.

Yana’s works are filled with feelings, impressions, experiences, dreams and fantasies. The artist does not stop at one style and often changes the technique, the manner of writing. The last series created by the artist is dedicated to global issues of humanity, drawing attention to them through ironic mockery.

Anna Silivonchik

Anna Silivonchik was born in 1980 in Gomel. She is well-known for her stark individuality among young Belarusan painters. She is an artist who works in her own unique artistic style, creating a separate, special world filled with her own system of images, meanings, and her own universe of the sacred.
In searching for subjects and solutions for her works, the artist reaches back to archetypal layers of her culture while maintaining visible ties to the 20th century art.
Thus, one can find the aesthetic sources of her inspiration in the whimsical realism of Mark Chagall, the naïve art of the primitivists of the early 20th century, and of course in local, national ornamental art and folklore.

Nodar Khokhobashvili

Born on November 21, 1957 in Tbilisi, Georgia.

He studied classical art at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts at the Faculty of Painting in the Department of Cinema and Television. However, the artist’s creative path led him to completely new forms and techniques that have become prevalent in his creations.

Nodar’s works are dominated by landscapes and still lifes made on wood.

In still lifes, the artist prefers to depict objects of human life. It can be books, dishes, beautiful fabrics, flowers, fruits and vegetables, food. Creating still lifes, the artist tries to convey all the beauty of the things around us and their intrinsic value, as well as the composition of a harmonious composition. In addition to still lifes, there are numerous landscapes in the creative diversity of Nodar: urban, for example, Italian streets with deep arches, or rural — these are fields or rural areas. In his repertoire there are also «stone houses» that will not leave anyone indifferent due to their simplicity and originality in one bottle. Nodar Khokhobashvili is the artist who, thanks to working with natural materials, to some extent, creates at the junction of painting and design.

His works are in many private collections in various European countries. In Russia, his interests are represented by BIS ART GALLERY. Nodar Khokhobashvili has regularly exhibited at the Art Manege, participates in exhibitions in the USA, Italy, Holland, Germany and other European countries. Every year his paintings are presented at festival exhibitions in New York, such as «ArtExpo» and in many American cities.