Aleksandra Efimova (born 1989) is a young artist from St. Petersburg. She graduated from St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after I.E. Repin in the direction of painting.

The artist strives for an experimental combination of various forms and techniques, working in painting, graphics and using the alla prima method. She rejects any sketches and preparatory studies, working straightaway on the canvas. Her paintings are a synthesis of photography, graphics and digital art, with a classical drawing.

The central theme of Aleksandra Efimova’s artwork is «Man in the Age of Digital Technology». From the technical point of view, the artist often uses the method of an elusive, «blurred» frame. Time speeds up, and so do the changes within it. The main figure in this chaos is a human being. Transforming reality into a world of illusions, the body and the face virtually lose their significance, just as the individual ceases to be unique. In Aleksandra’s artworks the human being becomes secondary, often merging with the surrounding space. The artist often relies on her own experience, experiences, impressions of interaction with the world and people. Without depicting a specific place of action, for her space is a play of associations, filled with characters from the subconscious or memories.