Elizaveta Suprun is a young Russian artist from Samara. Lives and works in Moscow. She created her own unique style based on graffiti and magazine collage. Mixed media with the use of acrylic spray cans, oil, collage (based on American and Soviet retro magazines 65s−70s.)

The series of works «Heavy Suite» is based on the reception of the antithesis with elements of social art. In her works, the artist contrasts wealth, luxury and poverty, Russia and Western countries.

Through symbolism in his bright canvases, he shows the contrasts of our society and highlights socially acute topics. Elizaveta wants to make the viewer think about what a paradoxical world we live in, and remind us that society consciously overpays for the status and the mirror in which it is reflected.
A brand is a mirror of the human ego, a reflection of itself, as well as the perception of the society in which it is located. It is in this thought that the answer to the question lies why a person so clearly strives to join brands, regardless of his social status.