Vangranda (born in 1999) is a young artist. Her works are filled with symbols from different world mythologies and religious practices, symbols referring to events or ideas from the real world, messages in lexical form, as well as zoomorphic images of people. All these coded signs are organically arranged in the space of a canvas in a bright expressive manner.

The art of Vangrada shows a desire to capture reality, to get closer to the realization of the moment; it is a process of immersion in the creative space. She describes her work with these words: «By expanding the moment in a perpendicular line, space collapses, simultaneously releasing the absolute of existence. First, my research has a philosophical approach; it is a personal way of fighting, opposing instincts. Pure consciousness, undistorted by the limits of the mind, creates a real space that surrounds a person every second, a real space that is realized outside of a person — something inexpressible by the possibilities of language — a state without feelings, a state of non-existence, absence, immersion in neutrality and the process of mirroring. My art is about observing reality.»