Vangranda, «Metagame», 2022
Масло, холст; 150×140 см
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On 22 December, the contemporary art gallery BIS ART GALLERY will be presenting an exhibition of young artists 'Swings of the Metamodern'. The experimental project, created in collaboration with the ARISTOV brand, showcases the work of zoomer artists at a time when metamodernism was taking shape. It is their work that opens the door to a new era of modern art.

Zoomers live between analogue and digital, between authenticity and following trends, between parental guidance and independence. They are both rationalists who prefer to live in the present and idealists who hope for a better future. A generation for whom it is more convenient to Google than to ask directly. Zoomers are in a state of oscillation between the post-Soviet space and an uncertain future. They are in the midst of change, but sometimes they don’t care at all about what’s going on outside their flat walls.

Metamodernism is closely linked to modernism and postmodernism, to romanticism and conceptualism. It never takes a definite position. It swings like a pendulum between several different directions. Metamodernism combines realistic portraiture and abstract landscape, futurism and classicism. Metamodernism is not just a mixture, but a movement towards a new paradigm of art that may look like a combination of the incompatible.

Generation and trend have much in common: they both oscillate between opposites, balance between extremes, and combine the incompatible. For Zummer, everything going on around him is a metamodern.

The exhibition runs from 22 December to 8 January. Entrance is free.
Curated by Maria Grafutko and Anna Konopleva