If you want to order a painting or a photo print, please, just send us a request on bisartgallery@inbox.ru or call +7.9 779 250 234; +7(910)401−56−65; +7(915)397−01−65

BIS ART GALLERY offers different types of services in building an art collcetion or in selecing works for interior design to our clients.

  1. Paintings selection and fitting based on photographs and visualization of your home interior.

BIS ART GALLERY team will choose various options from out collection which will fit clients' requirements. We will do an online fitting of your paintings with the detailed information about the paintings: prices, size, media, artist’s information, painting description in the photo or a digital visualization of your home interior.

You can order an online fitting of any work from BIS ART GALLERY collection that you will like. In order to get a fitting you just need:

  • to take a picture of the part of the space where you would like a painting to be hung;
  • to send us an email with a theme: «Work selection» or «Work fitting»

2. Lending paintings to interior designers

3. Providing with a gift certificate to buy a painting

4. Author’s GiclĂ©e print

5. A painting or a print authenticity certificate