«Crowned by the Moon»

On 25th of November, Polina Zaremba’s solo exhibition «Crowned by the Moon» opens at BIS ART gallery.

This exhibition is built on a play of colour, lines, strokes and textures. Her paintings are filled with hidden meanings that are presented through different artistic techniques. Textured and dynamic strokes are intertwined with thin divergent lines imitating flowing streams. Powerful and vivid colour conveys the artist’s sensuality in moments of different Lunar phases, a kind of romanticism and drama.

«Abstraction for me is about walking through coloured dreams, where I can paint the very essence of colour, its vibe. My anxious dream turns into a fight with a real opponent, with the Moon, which surrenders in the end and the colour triumphs, fully expressing its unshakable influence on people» — says Polina Zaremba.

The variety of shades of the Moon — strontium yellow, indian yellow, medium yellow, lemon yellow — in Polina’s works reflect the different moods of the artist. The colours in the blends give the effect of presence through textures, layering and glaze work. Sculpturalism of strokes intensifies the impression of tension, sharp and jerky movements with palette knife and paintbrush. The fills give a sense of the viscosity of caramel, reminiscent of a honeymoon or holiday candy, scattered over a festive table set with candles. Candles and street lights are also an inseparable part of the night landscape, as is the starry sky crowned by the Moon.

The exhibition runs until December 1. Entrance is free.

Curators: Lada Elkina and Maria Grafutko