Bagno «Peas», 2019 Oil on canvas, 100×80 Price on request

On March 7, a collective exhibition of artists «Sonder» opened at the BIS ART GALLERY. In the «Sonder» project, artists, thinking about the topic of self-knowledge, turned to the personality of a person and recreated images — a reproduction of their unconscious, based on reflections, feelings and emotions.

The more a person studies himself and the world around him, the more he begins to understand that not every question will be answered. For example, the work of the human psyche has been studied for many years, but no one knows if we will ever be able to claim that we have studied it in full. What is the paradox of cognition? It is not yet possible to know oneself completely, because personality is a process of continuous changes, and therefore self-knowledge also has no end. And if we can’t know ourselves, what can we say about the people around us? We see only their outer shell, the image that we ourselves are completing in our fantasies.

Despite the desire to comprehend everything, there are constraining factors that distinguish the degree of cognizability of things. One person learns more deeply, and the other — superficially. The project «Sonder» gives the viewer the opportunity to think about the issues of studying themselves and the personalities of others.

The exhibition will run from March 7 to March 28. Admission is free.

Artists: Vangranda, Alexandra Khalipskaya, Anastasia Danilenko, Anna Silivonchik, Maxim Dobrovolsky, Vasily Kozlovsky, Green Olivine, Olga Ryabova, Dima Filimonov, BAgno, Daria Semenova, Mary Perkins, Stepan Gurin, Alyona Kalyanova, Valia Paella, Anna Konopleva
Curators of the project: Elizaveta Toporova and Anna Konopleva