We are opening a new show by Vangranda «Mickey knows how to get in touch» on 13 April! It will be an epic colour blast! Link here.

In Vangranda’s works there are certain recurring symbols and images: McDonalds, Pepsi, the sacred cow and other animals, cartoon characters, traffic cones and a biohazard symbol. The digital space is expressed in the form of a smiley face that wanders from work to work, zoomorphic characters suffer from an overdose of information, but are displayed with the awakened Crown chakra.
Duck syrup serves as a euphemism for strong medecine, and the ace symolizes the pinnacle of reality, the lockdown that each of us falls into reflects the imprisonment in something deeper than just a personal home space. The viewer, together with the author, is perpendicular to reality, as if falling out of it. Vangranda shows the disintegration of the familiar world, in which, according to her, the truth is contained.