From March 9 to March 12 the BIS ART GALLERY participated in World Art Dubai! We are sharing our impressions with you, but first of all some statistics:
✔️ 12,000+ visitors
✔️ 300+ participants
✔️ 4000+ pieces of art
was gathered under one roof at Dubai World Trade Center.

Art fair showcased both decorative art as well as contemporary painting, art objects and sculpture, digital art, NFT and oriental calligraphy. Art was very diverse, but no less interesting. Artists and galleries from more than 50 countries were represented.

BIS ART GALLERY occupied three stands this year and presented works by Mamuka Didebashvili, Maya Ramishvili, Vangranda, Polina Surovova, SURAZICA, Yana Riznyk and Ruben Fedorov. Yana Riznyk’s works were equipped with virtual reality glasses, which allowed the viewer to get inside the painting and join the events depicted on the canvas.

From the joyful:
🌟 gallerists were bringing their guests to our booth purposefully to show both aesthetically pleasing artworks and VR technology.
🌟 The fair’s chief curator selected Yana Riznyk’s «One Very Lonely Birthday» as one of the 20 best artworks of World Art Dubai. This work was presented individually on the podium as part of the ART WALK program.
🌟 Our booth was highlighted by curators and gallerists as one of the best at World Art Dubai.
🌟 Guest curators from the UK selected several stands from over 300 exhibitors to show to the CEO of Dubai Authority for Culture and Arts, Her Grace Hala Badri. She visited our stand and listened with great interest to the story of our artists and their artworks, asking questions and discussing points of interest with us.

The team members who orchestrated the gallery’s involvement in World Art Dubai 2023 and conceived the booth:
Nikolay Surguladze (project manager), Aleksandr Demidov (art manager), Maria Grafutko (curator), Anna Konopleva (curator).

We were satisfied with the trip and participation in the art fair and plan to visit Dubai next year as well. 712/Hala-Badri-Inaugurates-World-Art-Dubai-2023,-its-Biggest-Edition-to-Date 511 612

❗️ In the meantime, we invite you to come to BIS ART GALLERY and experience the marvelous and profound exhibition «SONDER»