He was born in Omsk in 1968. Member of the Union of artists of Russia. Evgeniy’s art has always been associated with natural forms, with a reinterpretation of the world order, intuitive and calm immersion. His works are recognizable, a subtle brushstroke, a geometric view of the color division of the canvas, the color itself is often more muted and structured. This structure creates a sense of borderline world: light-shadow, top-bottom, earth-air, entrance-exit, light-shadow. On the border, between, something important happens, something alive appears. Evgeniy approaches each work with a philosophical question: how was this world created? Zaremba addresses this issue through the search for a pictorial metaphor. It shows the texture and shape of surfaces, the color of elements, and an object in space.


2021 «Optimistic Tragedy», VSunio Gallery, Moscow — group exhibition

2020 «Picturesque Divergence», BIS ART Gallery, Moscow

2020 «Beyond the Visible», Abramova Gallery, St. Petersburg

2019 «Reverse Side», Abramova Gallery, St. Petersburg

2018 «Boundaries of Landscape», Abramova Gallery, St. Petersburg — group exhibition

2016 «NOEME», VSunio Gallery, Moscow — group exhibition

2016 «A Look from the Side», GCII, Novosibirsk

2016 Vinsent Gallery, Novosibirsk

2014 «Bright Waters, Dark Shores», Vrubel Omsk Regional Museum of Fine Arts, Omsk

2006 «Gates of Time», Basilica of St. Stephen, Budapest — group exhibition

2005 10th International Contemporary Art Fair «Art Manege 2005», Moscow